Our Approach

Many different factors can combine to create stress and distress: tough markets, eroded competitive positioning, underinvested IP, currency and commodity volatility, customer failure, weak working capital control or ineffective management and leadership.

Authority and mandate

We begin with a clear authority and mandate to implement change, accepted by key stakeholders including management and a clear understanding of what defines success. Typically we take the role of CRO, CEO or executive chairman.


Next follows a period of assessment focussed on the root causes of distress and the underlying financial position of the business. We look at the key value drivers and strength of management in each discrete business unit and assess vulnerabilities and opportunities.

Change blueprint

What results is a change blueprint – an outline turnaround plan that defines key short and medium term actions and objectives that is endorsed by the key stakeholders. Where necessary, we will move to strengthen gaps in the senior management team or bring in relevant skills on a short term basis using our extensive network of change managers and partners.

Managing the delivery

We then manage the delivery, refinement and realignment of the turnaround plan and maintain open, transparent reporting to key stakeholders.

Our fees will comprise a time based component, billed monthly in advance, and a success fee when the project has delivered “success” in whatever form was agreed at the outset.